Please wear and treat your jewellery with love and care. We advise you removing your jewellery pieces before going to sleep and storing them separately in plastic airtight bags or closed jewellery boxes. Avoid contact with water, lotions, perfumes, hairsprays or any liquids and protect it from extreme temperatures, sunlight, rough or hard surfaces to keep your jewellery shiny and beautiful for as long as possible. 

Plated Gold
Please note that gold plating can wear off slightly over time, especially with heavy use or scratches, so be careful when wearing or cleaning your plated jewellery. Keep your jewellery away from hard surfaces by storing them in a velvet-lined jewellery box or wrapped in a soft material to avoid scratches from hard surfaces. Gently clean it with a cotton cloth to restore shine and avoid contact with moisture. You can also take your gold plated jewellery to a local jeweller where they can replace the gold layer. This may be necessary if the gold plating has already started to wear off. 

Sterling Silver
It is natural for the sterling silver jewellery pieces to oxidise or tarnish over time when exposed to body oils, oxygen or moisture. To keep your sterling jewellery looking its best, gently polish it with a 100% cotton or flannel cloth along with appropriate polishing agent or a polishing pad. Remember, sterling silver is a very soft metal and you can scratch it if you aren't careful and rub it too briskly.


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